Tips for girls’ Night Out

Summer brings many opportunities to spend time with friends, and one of our favorites is the famous “Girls Night Out” borrowed concept, like many other things, from the US. In Romania, we can just call it the gettogether with my girlfriends.

Unlike “Girls Night In”, when outfits can be successfully reduced to the most comfortable PJs assorted with fluffy slippers when planning to paint the town red with the girls, things can get complicated a little. At least 2 hours before, on the WhatsApp group, panic messages start flowing around the”how do we dress?” topic.

No worries, we are here today to solve the problem entirely. Once and for all. In 3 easy to follow steps.

  1. When in doubt, choose with confidence a monochrome palette of colors. A simple white dress like White F Dress (here will be the name of a white dress from the Infinity F collection) is perfect and also a summer substitute for black, gray or navy.
  2. For a summer look, we suggest adding a contrasting color to break the monotony. Shoes are the perfect way to do this.
  3. Moreover, for a simultaneously modern and vintage look, the whole ensemble can be matched with jewelry and / or a vintage-chic clutch.

    We hope that these 3 tips inspire you to quickly match a perfect outfit for your next outing with friends.