5 myths about fashion and trends

Do you know that girl in the office – let’s call her Ioana – the 24/7 queen of style, always fashionable, with perfect skin and flawless style that would show what class is to anybody in the “Bravo” competition anytime? Well, it’s no accident that Ioana is rocking those outfits like a princess. She probably does not have a fleet of personal assistants and shoppers to help her, but not what you see, are the long hours of planning, careful experimentation and knowledge of what some call rules, but they are in fact fashion myths.

Let’s discover, therefore, in a random order, 5 of myths about fashion and trends.

Myth # 1 The bag must match the shoes.

Of course, we are supporting the freedom of choice, so if you want to wear a red bag and red shoes, surely no one would stop you. However, you do not have to follow this pattern every time you dress. A playful mix of accessories and colors always makes a look more exciting.

Myth # 2 Sequins, sparkle, and metallic objects are only for occasions or nights-out.

Glitter accessories can also be worn during the day. Choose the perfect blend while keeping the focus on a single piece of clothing, such as a skirt or a jacket, keeping the rest of the look simple and minimalist.

Myth # 3 You need to be tall as a model to wear long dresses and high waisted pants.

False. The fashion industry loves to tell us what works or not for our body. Indeed, there is some aesthetic truth in their affirmations, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we can usually see it for ourselves in the mirror. When it comes to building your wardrobe, take a trip to the fitting room, whether it’s recommended or not for your body type. You will be surprised.

Myth # 4 Some colors are “IN”. Others are “OUT”.

Anyway, it seems to us that we have nothing to wear every time we open the dressing. If we remove all the colors that were fashionable the past seasons, we would literally have nothing to wear anymore. Color trends go into cycles – and every known color to man has been trending at one point. Wear the colors you love. That’s the most important thing.

Myth # 5 It is mandatory to follow the trends to look fashionable.

The only rules you have to follow are those you set.

Do not let others – not even us – dictate the way you dress. All we can do is create clothes that will make you confident and comfortable – it is this will make you look chic, effortlessly.