5 Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration

Janni Deler Olson

Unlike the other recommendations you will find below, Janni Deler Olson is just an ordinary Swedish girl with, we believe, perfect holiday choices.

Janni started her fashion and travel blog in 2013 when she decided she needed a place to save all the trips. For her, it all started with Instagram, but it felt pretty soon that it was not enough.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Marie Hill came out of nowhere and took the fashion industry by storm with her natural look and charismatic personality, and these are the reasons why we like her too. Her specific originality is reflected in her very fashionable fashion choices.

Taylor is one of Victoria’s Secret’s “angels” since 2015, but also a supermodel who has stepped on the catwalk and has appeared in advertising campaigns for almost all top international fashion brands.

Camille Charriere

Camille over the Rainbow was founded, as you would expect, by Camille Charriere. Camille grew up in Paris, then moved to London pursuing a career in financial and fiscal law.

However, her strong interest in the creative world has led her to the fashion industry, working with both NET-A-PORTER and matchfashion.com, before going out on her own.

The blog, which we also recommend, started in 2010 and is a window in its fashion-universe, sprinkled with personal thoughts and travel tips.


Camelia Crăciunescu

Camelia thinks that you first fall in love with fashion, and then you learn about it. Since she was four years old, she was interested in style, and later she developed a passion for beautiful clothes just because she couldn’t afford them, but she liked going to shops to look and study.

So she began, as an adolescent, to turn her baggy jeans in skinny jeans or to paint black her only pair of shoes so she can go to the Opera.

We are very fond of those who take the initiative and do not complain about the circumstances, so Camelia Crăciunescu should not be missing from this list.

Andreea Diaconu

Andreea Diaconu is one of the most popular models in Romania. She was featured on the covers of magazines in France, Romania, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland and was first introduced to Vogue at the age of 21, the February 2013 edition, and in 2014 appeared with David Beckham in the spring campaign for Belstaff.

Moreover, because we feel that personal style means more than the exterior, Andreea has been included it in our list because it is a model to follow in the real sense of the word. Although she says she is not an activist, she believes profoundly in combating racism and homophobia in Romania.

Here they are. These are our propositions. If you like fashion and you often find yourself looking for inspiration on Instagram, you will not fail if you follow any of the above 5.

Whom would you propose?